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Dr. George Morgano

unhook from thinking

and smell the flowers

Manhattan & Online

Community Hypno

Community Hypno

Community Hypno Community Hypno Community Hypno

Dr. George Morgano

unhook from thinking

and smell the flowers

Manhattan & Online

Simple Fundamentals



Hi, I'm Dr. George Morgano. I offer two modalities, Hypnosis & Self-Inquiry. I've worked in integrative medicine for over a decade and have found Hypnosis & Self-Inquiry to be two of the most natural and effective tools for transforming one's life and being free.

My Approach


My focus is facilitating individuals in meeting themselves fully, exactly as they are. This meeting of oneself is a shift from the lifelong habit of resisting what's happening, to a natural & relaxing way of opening to what is. As we relax and open, we're able to feel deeper and discover the roots of our suffering. The root of our suffering is always a belief that is untrue. When we see its untruth, the belief falls away & we are free to live more fully.  As we experience thoughts as just thoughts and nothing else, we learn we don't have to go down the rabbit hole of mind whenever it shows up, and this freedom is peace.

Promise to Clients


This is not talk therapy or positive psychology. 

As we work together my main role is to help you feel safe, be present, and remain focused throughout. Self-Inquiry and hypnosis are very gentle, safe, and natural modalities. Depending on the your needs or wants, sessions can be purely hypnosis, purely self-inquiry, or a weave of the two. All of our work together, whether in person or online, is completely confidential and protected by HIPPA laws. 

Main Modalities



Clinical Hypnosis is a process of relaxing the conscious mind enough to open the doorway to the subconscious which is the store house of all memory and patterns. Through this, old patterns can be discovered and transformed. Insights into new, healthier ways can be accessed. A variety of non hypnotic techniques are also utilized to help interrupt old patterns and establish better ones.



Self-Inquiry is a gentle process of recognizing what is true, discovering what is not true, and coming to value what is true over what is not. It is a simple approach that begins with relaxing the focus wide open and resting as the space that is self-aware. From here we meet what comes up without getting lost in it. Using our body sensations as feedback for what feels true, we explore issues with simple questions and soon get down to the deeper subconscious beliefs driving our behavior. Meeting these deeper beliefs and energies fully, our system no longer avoiding, relaxes and we continue looking in the same gentle way to directly know if beliefs are true. Once a belief is clearly seen as untrue, we naturally stop feeding it our attention and open to the fullness of life. This specific form of self-inquiry that I use with most clients is called The Living Inquiries.

Sub Modalities

Medical Hypnosis

Because our subconscious mind directly affects all of our automatic biological processes, hypnosis may be useful for modifying some of these processes in accordance with the medical model or the client's understanding so as to achieve a desired goal. It is also useful in moving through mental/emotional blocks to healing.

Past Life/Other Life Hypnosis

Past Life or Other Life hypnosis is used to explore apparent other life existences for gaining useful insights into present issues.

Natal Hypnosis

Natal hypnosis is for those seeking to explore their existence prior to their birth all the way through delivery. This is a powerful journey that might reveal many insights and resolve many beliefs. 

no mud, no lotus

The Big Four

Deficiency Stories


If I believe that who or what I am is the story of the past, then I'm locked in to acting from that storyline because it defines who I am. This leads to limitation and suffering that contorts the expression of this life in unimaginable ways. Core deficiency stories become the transparent lens through which we unconsciously live our lives. Discovering these beliefs and inquiring into them, we can realize they are just beliefs and have no truth. Seeing they are false they lose their charge and fall away. Who we are requires no belief or story, no past or future. As we become more sensitive to when we're living though beliefs, meeting and inquiring into them becomes a natural movement, which leaves us living in truth.

Habits & Compulsions


Habits & compulsions are not just driven by thoughts; they are driven by feelings as well. Habits fall away naturally once we're ready to just be with these energies and not have to do anything to change them. The more we value being free over the bondage of habits, the less we give these compulsive thoughts and feelings our interest. Allowed to be as they are, the energies come and they go. Unmoved from our seat of clarity and peace, we instantly know if something is truly needed or if this is just an old habit breathing its last breaths. Sometimes we're not ready to just be with these habit energies. For this we can examine our experience, slow it down and look at what is seeming to command our behavior. Looking and feeling within can bring up the deeper drivers of patterns for us to meet and work through.



Fear is a natural response to a perceived threat. If the mind is projecting that something is a threat when in reality it is not, we suffer unnecessarily. It can be that our fears have deeper roots, even pointing back to beliefs about oneself. Beliefs by definition, are taken as true. Inquiring into our beliefs we can discover that they may not be not as real or true as we had thought. This frees us from believing into them the next time they show up for us. 

Usually we seek help with fears when they begin creating dysfunction and limitation in our lives. It's then that we are open to turning toward and looking within. Meeting our fears we discover, is the key to being free. Doing so gently and methodically allows us to approach and explore them deeply to know if they are true. Simple techniques may be utilized to bring the nervous system out of its flight/fight/freeze response and into relaxation. 



Our relationships with others are incredibly useful and perfect mirrors for revealing where we are not being fully authentic and honest within ourself. If there is something in us we're too afraid to touch, express or let others see, then we're not loving ourself fully, and we can't love others fully. This lack of self honesty will project and manifest in all aspects of our life. As long as these things within are not seen, the same patterns will continue to repeat. Meeting and loving these places within ourself fully, we discover they are the doorways for an authentic life of freedom, presence & true love.



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