Medical Support Hypnosis

Medical Support Clinical Hypnosis (MS-CH)

Medical Support Clinical Hypnosis(MS-CH) goes beyond general hypnosis in that it is used as an adjunct in medical procedures and in the treatment of medical conditions, therefore consultation with a licensed physician is required to begin medical support clinical hypnosis. 

MS-CH is tailored to facilitate the client in channelling their body's innate wisdom and healing abilities. It can be helpful in strengthening and mobilizing the immune system to direct focused and appropriate activity, improve neurologic integration & regeneration, hormonal balancing, reduce fears and stress in preparation for medical procedures, speed up healing, pain control, childbirth, explore root issues potentially related with a medical condition, remove roadblocks to healing, and much more. While utilizing medical support hypnosis with clients, I am working as an adjunct with other medical professionals, and do not diagnose or treat any conditions.

Some areas where medical support hypnosis may help:

accelerate healing

pain control

strengthen and direct the immune system

improve sleep patterns

repair and re-integrate the nervous system

repair of soft tissue & structural issues, chronic or acute

hormonal balancing

pre, intra and post operative management


better digestion

migraine reduction

eliminate phobias

weight loss

self-care maintenance 

...and more

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