About George

Dr. George Morgano, CMS-CHp, CLIF

Hello and thank you for your interest in your own health and freedom. Get ready for an exciting and fun journey within. But first let me share a little of my story. 

I work using two unique and compatible modalities; Hypnosis and Self-Inquiry. I am certified and highly experienced in both. Down below you can read about my experience with each. I do this work because I know how deeply beneficial it is and because it's so rewarding to watch people get free of suffering.

My interest in alternative approaches to conventional western medicine grew some time after practicing as a podiatrist and surgeon. It was during a training in reflexology that I began to appreciate the mental, emotional, physical and energetic connections our feet have to the rest of our being. This was one of the mind opening experiences which set me on a path exploring and practicing Chinese sports medicine, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, meditation, tai chi, hypnosis and self-inquiry. Along this journey I came to realize that mind, body and the knowing of them, are not separate, and any approach to deep transformation must involve this wholeness of being. This realization shifted how I know myself, how I meet life and how I practice this work.


Like many spiritual seekers, self-inquiry popped up on my radar fairly early in my seeking career. Life and personal suffering have been my greatest teachers. Seeking relief from suffering, I have come in contact with many teachers or guides of self-inquiry. The most focused and impactful of these that I have worked directly with have been Salvadore Poe, Scott Kiloby, Adam Chaksfield and Florian Schlosser. My work with them has radically transformed how I practice today. Their messages resonated profoundly for me due to the clarity, simplicity and focus. In 2016 I went through more than a year training process with Scott Kiloby's Living Inquiries program and became certified as a Living Inquiries Facilitator (CLIF). This dynamic yet systematic approach to discovering what is true advanced my understanding and ability to work with clients tremendously. You can read more on this method by going to the Self Inquiry page. 


Long ago, I experienced a spontaneous healing from a chronic physical ailment upon discovering the mental-emotional root of it. It was shocking that just becoming conscious of a pattern of contraction and holding allowed it to be released. So simple. So natural. Years later, after coming into contact with a skilled hypnotist, it dawned that hypnosis is one of the natural approaches that helps people quickly become conscious of their inner workings. Being very interested in helping people directly discover the root of their suffering, I began studying it.

I became Board Certified in Medical Support and Clinical Hypnosis (CMS-CHp). This means I am trained and experienced in advanced methods of hypnosis as well as in the use of hypnosis as an adjunct to conventional medical therapies. I am certified in Natal Hypnosis which involves exploring one's existence from before conception all the way through to delivery. I am certified in Past Life Hypnosis (I call it Other Life) for exploring apparent other lifetimes. I also use hypnosis as a coach working with individuals and teams for discovering and achieving goals aligned with one's life and mission. 

My first official training took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There I underwent the most rigorous, fully immersive training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA). The HAA has the distinction of providing the National Institute of Health (NIH) with hypnotherapy protocols for use in their scientific research of mind-body medicine. It was through the comprehensive training at the HAA that I became a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy which has set the highest standards for membership of any Hypnotherapy Board. I later trained and became certified as an Integrative Hypnotist with Melissa Tiers in NYC. The powerful training I received  (hypnosis and neuro-linguistic based) evolved my understanding and practice of hypnosis.


IBH# F11115-422