Natal Hypnosis


Natal hypnosis is hypnosis aimed at exploring one's experiences prior to conception and all the way through birth. This can be profound to experience. Clients come seeking natal hypnosis for many reasons, some of which are for addressing unresolved issues, history of birth trauma, compulsions, phobias, parental and family issues and more. I personally gained tremendous insights on the nature of consciousness and death through my own natal hypnosis session. Just as with past lives/other lives, I cannot say for sure that what is experienced in natal sessions are real memories or just the wise, creative mind showing us what we need to know in order to gain insights into current issues. Regardless of wether what is seen really happened or not, the insights gained may be very useful for one's growth.

These sessions run approximately two hours long. I recommend clients have at least three hypnosis sessions prior to their natal session.  

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