Past Life / Other Life Hypnosis


Are there really past lives? Are there other life times that we've lived... or will live? Honestly, I have no idea. Despite myself having undergone dozens of past life/other life regressions, despite being trained and certified in it, and despite guiding many clients through it, I still have no idea if we have lived or will live other lives. I know that when one undergoes "regression" to other lifetimes, we seem to be embodying other forms that are living other lives. It can seem extremely real, just like a vivid dream. You can move through the life to different moments and witness events as a distant observer or embody your central character to experience it through their eyes.The essential purpose of these sessions is to gain insight into what is at issue in one's present life. 

Sessions typically run 90 minutes to two hours long, and for the greatest benefit I encourage having a minimum of three sessions.

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