About Hypnosis


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, conscious & embodied process where the critical mind is relaxed and a gentle yet powerful focus is maintained. Relaxation of the critical mind facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious levels of mind. This allows the client to journey within to discover deeper truths and let go of old programs no longer serving. The realizations arrived at by the client becomes integrated deeply into the subconscious and express inwardly and outwardly as shifts in one's life. Hypnosis is natural in that it is within everyone's ability to experience this profoundly clear & embodied state of awareness.​

Facts about hypnosis

  • You are always in control. You are aware throughout hypnosis. 
  • There is always awareness in hypnosis and your self protective mechanisms are still intact
  • You are never unconscious.
  • You will not act out of your code of ethics or morals.
  • You will not divulge secrets unless you consciously choose to.
  • You can choose to lie and edit when you are in hypnosis.
  • One's intelligence has nothing to do with hypnotizability. 
  • You cannot get stuck in hypnosis.
  • You cannot be brainwashed with hypnosis. 
  • The 5 senses are more focused during hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis facilitates safely bringing the subconscious into consciousness. 
  • Clients resolve problems during hypnosis by receiving information from their own inner mind and with the processing techniques facilitated by the hypnotist.

What happens during a hypnosis session?

The initial session begins with a thorough interview exploring the client's issues and what is sought. Next we explore a model of the mind, how the focus of our attention functions, how hypnosis works & what is going to follow during the session. Then the client (co-hypnotist) is brought into hypnosis, possibly multiple times in order to strengthen and facilitate an ease of accessing this natural and resource. With this established, hypnotic techniques specific to the needs of the moment are utilized. The client is then trained in self hypnosis, and self-suggestion tools might be given so that the client's therapy can continue on a daily basis until the next appointment (usually within 14 days). Initial sessions average 90.


Following sessions include a review of the client's experience since the last visit, any realizations they may have had, and any roadblocks they encountered. The goal of their visit is again clarified and then the appropriate hypnotic techniques are utilized. Sessions sessions average 90 minutes.

Is hypnosis for me?

Do you have a strong desire for change?

Do you feel stuck in a pattern?

Have you tried other methods without lasting success?

Are you open to accessing your own inner wisdom?

Are you ready to take steps in a positive direction?

​Are you open to change?​

Signs of readiness for change:

Frustration with chronic physical or emotional pain

Chronic mental struggle & suffering

Wanting help accessing untapped resources

Desire to realize a greater capacity

Existential frustration​

Feeling stuck!

Hypnosis may help with:


Ending unwanted habits

Smoking cessation

​Compulsive eating

Fears & phobias
Sleeping peacefully through the night


Self esteem

Public speaking


Reducing inner conflict

Improving outlook


Aligning values

Achieving goals

Childhood events

Birth traumas

Traumas of any kind

Medical Issues (*with referral)

Childbirth *

Fertility *

Preparing for, undergoing & recovering from surgery *

Improving performance of any kind


Test preparation

Discovering subconscious programming

Discovering 'other life' patterns


Ending seeking

and more...​​

(* medical issues require referral from physician)

Hypnosis Subspecialties

Medical Hypnosis

Because our subconscious mind directly affects all of our automatic biological processes, hypnosis is useful for directly modifying some of these processes in accordance with the medical model or the client's understanding so as to achieve a desired goal. It is also useful in moving through mental/emotional blocks to healing.

Past Life / Other Life Hypnosis

Past life or other life hypnosis is used to explore apparent other life existences for gaining useful insights into present issues. 

Natal Hypnosis

Natal hypnosis is for those seeking to explore their existence prior to their birth all the way through delivery. This is a powerful journey that might reveal many insights and resolve many beliefs.